George Blanaru - Panel Builder Electrician

“TecLine always finds me challenging projects and they provide great job security.”

TecLine is a very good work agency. I never had a late salary and communication with the office is on a very high level. I just have to focus on my job and they take care of everything else: a good place to stay with internet, transportation to the job and all the necessary paperwork. The permanent employment contract gives me peace of mind. Also, Holland is a lovely country to work in!

Dragos Vaduva - Industrial Electrician

“I hope to continue to work for TecLine for a long time!”

TecLine is committed to its staff and that is good to know. They help me with questions, problems and arrange free housing for me. Very nice that I don’t have to worry about that. On all projects I get to work with colleagues from my own country. I really like that! This helps me to enjoy the work. I learn a lot on the job and get a chance to improve my skills.

Zoltan Dibusz - Technician

“I enjoy high-quality, long-term projects. TecLine supports me and helps me with everything.”

At TecLine, effective communication and a good relationship between employer, employees and clients are always a priority. A constant effort is made by the leadership to increase the professional skills of the employees. It really feels like working and being part of the team. I think that is why TecLine is always a step ahead all of its competitors.

Sebastiaan Böhm - Bench Fitter

“I have been with TecLine for 10 years already. That speaks for itself!”

TecLine’s focus on what you can actually do has allowed me to develop. I am now responsible for a team of 15 engineers – a fact that I am suitably proud of! Without the guidance provided by TecLine this would not have been possible. If they keep challenging me like this I would enjoy working for them for many years to come.

Boguslaw Gallas - Buiding Electrician

“My wages are paid on time every month.”

I choose TecLine for the variety of work on offer. Accommodation issues are always resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. TecLine always pays wages promptly, takes care of transportation to the job and all the paperwork. These small but important details give me so much peace of mind!